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Download The Creative Adventure Toolkit [Catv289.zip - 1.87 MB]
Requires: Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP ; 8mb RAM. Needs 800x600 rez or higher. Includes the Editor, Player, Help File, ''Phoenix' demo by Ambrosine and 'Crystal Keepers' game by Doreen Bardon.
Download CAT Manual for Wordpad [manual.rtf - 199KB]

Frank`s V2.89 Game Demo Intro - Frank Fridd`s demo database of new features in latest version. (requires CAT program)

Free CAT Adventures: (CAT not required to run these)
Feeding Time by Doreen Bardon Text. A quest to feed your neighbours cat in this feline romp. (1.4mb)
Fabled Treasure of Koosar by Doreen Bardon. Text. A strange book leads to an unusual and mysterious quest. (1.5mb)
Great Great Grandfather's Gold by Frank Fridd. Text. A faded letter sparks a quest for buried treasure. (1.6mb)
The Crystal Keepers by Doreen Bardon. Text. Recover the stolen artifacts belonging to the five good fairy keepers of the Crystal Caverns in this magical and enchanting tale. (1.2mb)
Smuggler by Frank Fridd. Text/Gfx/Sfx. Travel back to 18th Century England to save Earth in this historically authentic smuggling quest. Play with gfx and/or sfx or text only. (2.06mb)
Even The Devil Must Die by Mark Hancox. Text. Death PLC sends you to assassinate the devil. (1.2mb)
Shield Of Destiny by George Rawson. Text. Rescue a princess in this enchanting quest. (1.1mb)
Four Dragons by Patrick Paglen. Text. Discover the secrets of a mystical alchemist. (1.2mb)
Sands of Egypt by Ambrosine. Text. Explore a strange pyramid and discover treasure and artifacts. (1.3mb)
Warriors of the Ssorc by Tim Gibson. Text/Gfx/Sfx. Biblical quest. Required Password is: "suffering" (5.99mb)

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Frank Fridd`s Adventures:
All of Frank's games on one CD comprising:
Great Great Grandfather's Gold, Smuggler, The Sound of Him, House Sitter, Where is Zeus?, The Unwanted Gift, Colditz Escape and The New Venue (with Jon Scott)

Cheques for 4 (overseas please add postage) made payable to: Frank Fridd
42 Dicken's Court,
Harold Road,
Margate, Kent, CT9 2HJ,
England, U.K.

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The Editor, Adventure Probe, 52 Burford Road, LIVERPOOL L16 6AQ
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